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Tors & Vale of Avalon Tors & Vale of Avalon
Tors & Vale of Avalon
New Residents

Welcome to the community of The Tors of Avalon & The Vale Of Avalon Homeowners Association!
We are excited to have you as an addition to our community. Please complete this New Members form and return it with the HOA Transfer Fee at your closing or prior to. This is a simple information sheet that we ask you to fully complete so that we may better maintain the safety of our community. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Our online members directory participation is completely voluntary and is not required by the Home Owners Association. Members may not use the contact information provided in the Directory for solicitation purposes. The Directory is a useful tool in knowing your neighbors and their families, and it provides access information so that you can be informed of all events, and so that a member can be reached in case of an emergency.  
Neighborhood Social Events
Ladies Bunco Night
Dinner Group
Fabulous (Fifties) Ladies Lunch
Mens Poker Night
If you have an interest in joining any of the above, please let us know.